Castle in the Sky
After the Wars

The oldest stories say that people fist came to Enkei on ships that sailed the Seas of Night. They found here a world inhabited only by plants and fish. Tired of their journeys, some of them settled. But Enkei was a poor world, with little but land to offer, and in time, the ships stopped coming.

An Empire arose, and all of Enkei lived in relative peace and prosperity for millennia… until a dispute over succession shattered the Empire. They say that in the first month of the great Civil War, three-quarters of the people on Enkei died, victims of the God Weapons. In the aftermath, war settled into a pattern. Nobles led the Warriors, who made war only on other Warriors. Farmers and Merchants watched from the sidelines, providing the means for the wars to go on.

A thousand years passed in this way, with allegiances and alliances shifting like the tides in the Great Sea of Enkei. Warfare became the only way of life the people knew. But even war can not last forever.

Azuchi Kumataro married MacDougall Siobhan, cementing an allegiance which was powerful enough to bring an end to the wars. The High Priest of Hotei, the Laughing God, beseeched the Devine Triumvariate for guidance, and was led to the Rightful Emperor. The Shogun Azuchi raised the Heir up, and put eleven year old Carter John on the Sapphire Throne.

Castle in the Sky is a fortnightly game played in Tucson, Arizona. We use the Pathfinder RPG rules, with an original setting. The game is vaguely Asian flavored, in that the GM intends it to be, but that doesn’t always carry through.

One way in which the game is different from standard Fantasy RPG settings is that all the races are equal citizens of the Empire. Orcs, for instance, are not uniformly reviled and evil; they’re just some different-looking folks who live down the road.

As you read the wiki and the adventure log, you may notice elements stolen from inspired by one or more of the following: Final Fantasy video games; the collected works of J. R. R. Tolkein; The Andy Griffith Show; Zatoichi; Shichinin no Samurai. In each case, the element is intended as homage to a work which has brightened the lives of the GM and players, and is in no way intended to be an infringement of copyright.

Castle in the Sky: After the Wars