Castle in the Sky: After the Wars

Two Houses, Alike in Dignity

Adventure in a Gambling Town

Our Heroes valiantly sneak around the troubled town, and reach the Dorji Shrine. There, after paying reverence to the Goddess and her Prophet, they met with the shrine’s abbot. The Abbot agreed to deliver the taxes to them, but only if he could be sure that they could convey the taxes safely through the town.

It is determined that there are two criminal factions operating in town. The first, led by an older man named Frank, was relatively benign; with the end of the war, however, a second wanna-be boss named Stu had shown up.

Stu and his faction took advantage of wandering veterans, and staffed their brothel through debt bondage. (Slavery within the Empire is illegal; indentured servitude and debt bondage, however, are legal).

The party agreed to these terms, and visited the town.



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