Castle in the Sky: After the Wars

A Quiet Harvest Celebration

Adventure the First

With the harvest in, the town of Maebury gathered around the Malorn Tree for the Night of Lights, as the fire-flowers bloomed and flew.

Panic spread, though, as people noticed the flowers going dark as they rose; soon, people realized that giant spiders, sailing down the wind on parachutes of silk, were eating them. As the spiders touched down, the townspeople rushed to defend the tree.

After the combat, the village priestess gathered the Malorn pollen the spiders had collected. The Sheriff, Sir Andrew, appointed a group of young people who had distinguished themselves in the fight, to go to the Barony of Mount Pilot and report on the events of the festival to the Baron.

In a side note, it is revealed that a school friend of the players, Peggy Sue Smith, is missing, having vanished during the fight.

Characters present:



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