Castle in the Sky: After the Wars

Meeting the Baron

Adventure in the Big City

Our Heroes journey to the Baronial Seat of Mount Pilot, where they meet up with Sir Andrew’s daughter Murphy, who has been studying at the Dojo of a famous sword master. On Court day, Murphy takes her oath of fealty to the Empire, becoming Dame Murphy, and the rest of the party relates the events of the Fire-Flower Festival.

Fromage requests reward for bringing the message, and Baron Kristofer assigns them the tax payment due from Dorji Shrine. The only hitch? They have to go and collect it themselves. Fromage manages to talk the Baronial Exchequer into giving them a letter of credit, secured by the taxes of Maebury. Fromage, Darrok, and Rand go on a spending spree, “equipping the party” for the journey, until Murphy discovers the letter and confiscates it.

Finally ready, the party sets out for Dorji.

Players present:



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